The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) signed a declaration of intent to become a Compassionate University. The VUB emphasises the need to make everyone within the university community aware of the importance of support during times of serious illness, death, loss and long-term care 

Research on the use and meaning of consolation spaces within the neighbourhood. In collaboration with Ferm and Compassionate Communities Centre of Expertise VUB.   

Participatory research to address the role of the environment on physical activity and eating behaviour among socioeconomically disadvantaged adults. Project funded by Sciensano. 

Serious illness, death, dying and loss are part of life and yet we often do not know how to deal with them. COCO groups 8 research teams at the VUB to build a more compassionate society. 

Project gathering knowledge and good practices on the experiences of dementia and dementia care within ethnic cultural minorities in Brussels. Funded by European Regional Development Fund (EFRO). 

Community Health Workers in a Brussels work-training programme. Project funded by the European Social Fund. 

Evaluation of 35 caring neighbourhoods, financially supported by the Dr. Daniël De Coninck Fund. 

Exploring the role of neighbourhood users in the development of Caring neighbourhoodsA co-creative research in two urban neighbourhoods in Brussels. Funded by the Innvoris Co-Create Programme. 

European Erasmus+ project with 6 international partners aiming to improve the quality of care and social inclusion for older people. Funded by the European Union.   

Research into outreach and detection of frail older people in their local environment. Funded by FWO. 

Research on the experiences of users about the accessibility of well-being and care services in Brussels. Cooperation with Kenniscentrum WWZ. 

First Living Lab on Caring Neighbourhoods in Brussels and Antwerp. 

This is a list of projects under coordination of prof. De Donder, prof. Dury or prof. Smetcoren. Before 2022, their projects were developed within the research group Belgian Ageing Studies, renowned for their studies on the needs of older people in local municipalities, coordinated by Dominique Verté and Nico De Witte.