Project description

Given the growing diversity in Brussels, a cultural competent approach is necessary in elderly care in general, and dementia care in particular. The Diverse Elderly Care project (2016-2022) therefore collects knowledge and good practices about the experience of dementia within ethnic minorities in Brussels. This is the starting point to address the challenges of dementia within these communities with a cultural competent approach. Diverse Elderly Care is a research project of the study programmes 'Social Work' and 'Nursing in dementia' among Brussels older adults with a migrant background, their informal caregivers and their care professionals. 


Saloua Berdai and Ann Claeys, the project leaders from Erasmus Hogeschool, also write a PhD-dissertation on this topic. 



dementia care, cultural competence, older people with migration background

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Contact persons

Saloua Berdai-Chaouni - saloua.berdai-chaouni@vub.be  

Ann Claeys - ann.claeys@vub.be