Research into the innovative housing concepts for current and future older adults and their influence influence on their subjective wellbeing. Funding provided by FWO.  

Large-scaled European research project around “Ageing, Place and Home”. 


Project on barriers to housing renovation, seeking to develop simple and effective tools that make renovation processes more accessible. Project funded by FEDER 'Living Labs Brussels Retrofit'. 

Research into the development of innovative small-scale housing models and care professions for older people in Brussels. Subsidised by Innoviris with co-financing from the Flemish Community Commission (VGC). 

Investigation of a community-led and designed housing project that is socioeconomically mixed, multicultural, intergenerational and gender-sensitive. Funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

This is a list of projects under coordination of prof. De Donder, prof. Dury or prof. Smetcoren. Before 2022, their projects were developed within the research group Belgian Ageing Studies, renowned for their studies on the needs of older people in local municipalities, coordinated by Dominique Verté and Nico De Witte.