Staten-Generaal Welzijn en Zorg Brussel 

Project description

What are the primary needs well-being needs in Brussels, now and in 10 years time? How can we work together in order to find innovative answers to these needs, with cooperation and reinforcements of services being at the heart of the solutions? On 15 February 2019, Kenniscentrum Welzijn, Wonen, Zorg vzw is hosting the Staten-Generaal Welzijn en Zorg in Brussel. On the eve of a new legislature, the broad field of professionals and policy-makers in well-being and care will be immersed in an intense Brussels bath. We will measure a state of the art concerning the challenges towards approachable social and care provision.  


In the run-up to the Staten-Generaal, we look into the experiences of users about the accessibility of well-being and care services in Brussels. We interview visitors and users of residential care facilities, organisations for people with a disability and various well-being organisations about their access care and support services. We amplify their experiences and testimonies with the views and experiences of professionals. This results in the report ‘Van mens tot mens: Onderzoeksrapport over de ervaringen van gebruikers en professionals met de Brusselse welzijns- en zorgsector - Staten-Generaal Welzijn en Zorg 2019'. We presented the results to Brussels professionals and policy-makers during the Staten-Generaal. 



Well-being, accessibility, care, Brussels 


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