Cultuursensitieve Zorgambassadeur: valoriseren van talenten+ 

Project description

The project " Cultuursensitieve zorgambassadeurs: Valoriseren van talenten+" aims to disclose, strengthen and valorise the potential of job seekers with a migration background and with informal care experience. Their potential is too often overlooked, while they can take on a meaningful role within the care sector.  


We develop a work-training programme in three editions: in 2017, 2019 and 2020. In each edition, 10 different culturally sensitive care ambassadors participate. Each work-training programme lasts nine months and consists of courses on culturally competent care, communication and Dutch language. Additionally, the culturally sensitive care ambassadors do an internship in care organisations during these nine months to gain practical experience. Furthermore, they attend exchange workshops between culturally sensitive care ambassadors and care professionals.  


As researcher partner, we performed the evaluation of this project. We used several participatory evaluation methods, such as Most Significant Change, Appreciative Inquiry and Context-Mechanisms-Outcomes framework. 

This project was funded by the European Social Fund and the European Social Fund Transnational. 



Culturally sensitive care ambassadors, work- training programme, Most Significant Change


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