Co-creative and geographical approaches to tackle socioeconomic disparities in health enhancing lifestyle

Description project

As the name suggests, CIVISANO investigates the health (SANO) of citizens (CIVI). We study the   role of perceived and objective environmental factors on physical activity and eating behaviour of adults in socioeconomically disadvantaged situations in two Flemish municipalities: Duffel and Herselt.  


CIVISANO thereby aims to meet the need for studies that consider the environment as a complex whole, involving interrelationships between the physical, sociocultural, economic and political structures that affect the way people perceive and experience the environment in which they live. These different dimensions of environment play a direct and indirect role in people's ability to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors, such as regular exercise or healthy eating.  


In this research, we apply a mixed-methods approach, using both quantitative research methods, such as a questionnaire and environmental research, and qualitative methods, such as walk-along, photovoice, focus groups, group model building and individual map creation. We involve citizens and local stakeholders as co-producers to bridge the gap between knowledge development and health promotion.  


The project is funded by Sciensano.  



health inequalities, health promotion, local environment


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D’Hooghe, S. (2022). Gezondheidsongelijkheid binnen de obesitaspandemie. Tijdschrift Grondrechten en Armoede, 3, 137-140. 

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