Social Inclusion through meaningful ageing

Omschrijving project

The European SEE ME project aims to improve the quality of care and social inclusion for older people. Our goal is to increase the skills and competencies of different groups of caregivers on the one hand, such as volunteers, informal and formal caregivers, and trainers of carers on the other hand. This way, they can provide quality care to older people with a focus on social inclusion through meaningful ageing.  

The emphasis is on caregivers’ competencies to see the older person behind the patient, see care as something more than physical and medical care, and see social and meaning needs. Moreover, we aim to challenge the stereotypes of older people by training people to see the talents and strengths of the oldest citizens. Within SEE ME, there is an additional focus on older people with a migration background or in disadvantaged financial situations. 

The project was funded by the European Union and was developed by six international partners with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel acting as the project promoter. 



Meaningful ageing, inclusion, competencies, quality care 

SEE ME Training Toolkit

Download and view the training manual for the SEE ME project below.
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SEE ME Final Toolkit Nederlands
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Trainingsmateriaal SEE ME NL
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SEE ME Final Toolkit English
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Training Material SEE ME ENG
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Trainingsmaterial SEE ME DEU
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