Innovating housing for older adults and subjective wellbeing

Project description 

The HOUSE project (2021-2025) conducts research into innovative housing concepts for current and future older adults that positively influence their subjective well-being. Therefore, within the HOUSE project we prefer the concept of ageing well in the right place rather than ageing in place. 


The research approach is characterised by a mixed-method and innovative approach, eg. The persona technique, photo-elicitation and Research by Design. Moreover, an active, participative cooperation with the work field is aimed for by involving partners from different sectors. The HOUSE project results in various tools that translate the research results into practice. These tools consist of a decision-support designing tool for architects and housing developers, and the development and validation of two housing assessment tools. The research focuses on a heterogeneous group of older adults, each with their own preferences, abilities and limitations.  


This Strategic Basic Research (SBO) was made possible by FWO. 



Housing renovation and construction, subjective well-being


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