Entour'âge Noord

Project description

Entour-Age Noord (2014-2016) was funded by the Innovative Brussels Care programme of Innoviris with co-financing from the Innovative Urban Networks of the Flemish Community Commission (VGC). Both funding channels aim to stimulate and support innovative projects concerning, on the one hand, care for older adults in Brussels (prevention, sensitisation, diagnostics, care and intervention) and, on the other hand, increasing social cohesion among citizens.  


Within these objectives, Entour-Age Noord cooperates with various stakeholders from the housing and care sectors to 1) develop innovative small-scale housing models for older adults and 2) develop new care professions that can facilitate these housing models. The aim is to strengthen the quality of life of older adults in a specific Brussles neighbourhood and to give them the opportunity to choose how they want to live in the future. Throughout the project, a social design process is set up involving not only project partners but also older people, informal carers, local residents and care professionals. By doing this, Entour-Age Noord wants to contribute to the development of an Active Caring Community - a neighbourhood-organised model of care that reinforces the autonomy of the older adult, supporting and giving value to informal and formal care - within an urban environment and with a focus on the diversity of the older population.  



Innovative Housing , Active Caring Communities, Social design methods  


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Contact person

Prof. An-Sofie Smetcoren - an-sofie.smetcoren@vub.be