Care and Living in Community

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 CALICO, ‘CAre and LIving in COmmunity’, is a project of 34 apartments in cohousing offering a generational and social mix in interaction with its neighbourhood. Its priorities are gender, welcoming birth and end-of-life at the heart of living together, care, and access to housing within the framework of a Community Land Trust, i.e. a plot of land managed as a common good.  


The CALICO project includes both an intergenerational and an intercultural component with a particular attention to the gender dimension, while providing housing for low-income families. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative. The CALICO project focuses on three particularly vulnerable groups: older people, women (single women and single-parent families) and people with an immigrant background. The project aims to design a community-led housing project that is socio-economically mixed (mostly affordable), multi-cultural, intergenerational and gender-sensitive. To accommodate this, the project also seeks to engage a diverse group of residents. 



Care, living, community, community land trust

Follow-up research: Living together and care within CALICO

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